Quick! Point me to the best Christmas themed patterns for a strip of 50

(Dougal Campbell) #1

Quick! Point me to the best Christmas themed patterns for a strip of 50 lights!

Going to a Stranger Things themed Halloween party tonight. I’m going to be Chief Hopper, and my wife as Joyce Beyers. I’m making her a battery powered string of Christmas lights to carry around (WS2812).

I’m planning to make some glitchy effects to layer on top, too.

(Ken White) #2

@dougal - @Mark_Kriegsman 's TwinkleFOX at:

might be what you are looking for.

Here is a video for it:

(Ken White) #3

@dougal - Was my last post to you flagged as spam? If so, could you please mark it as not spam.

(Marc Miller) #4

Nothing that special, but very easy to add to the Demoreel100 program.

(Dougal Campbell) #5

@Ken_White Fixed!

(Dougal Campbell) #6

@marmil Yep, that’s where I’m starting from, especially due to the time constraint. I had meant to start sooner, but I just didn’t have the free time until last night!

[Edit] Oops, I didn’t notice at first that this is not the standards FastLED DemoReel! Thanks for the pointer!

(Dougal Campbell) #7

Okay, my wife wound up not using my light string for the party, darnit. But she had good reasons, so I can’t complain — she didn’t want to have to carry around the battery pack & controller (on a small breadboard, both tucked into a drawstring pouch). Her outfit didn’t have any pockets that they would fit in, and she wanted her hands free for food and beer! Instead, she wore a store-bought necklace with C-9 style lights that had a few simple blink patterns.

I did whip up a really quick-n-dirty glitch effect. Maybe I’ll put up a quick video and code sample later.

I’m hoping to do a little more coding on it later, and maybe she’ll be willing to use it on Halloween night when we take the kids out trick-or-treating.

(Marc Miller) #8

I was curious what the glitch effect was going to look like so would be interested in seeing that when you have time to share.

(Dougal Campbell) #9

@marmil I didn’t have time to make it look the way I really wanted. But I’ll post a vid + code soon.

(Dougal Campbell) #10

Okay, video posted. I’ll make a gist of the relevant code later.

(Dougal Campbell) #11

And again, it doesn’t look like what really wanted. But I’ll rewrite eventually.