Quick and easy setup of SMOG sensor and ESP8266:

Quick and easy setup of SMOG sensor and ESP8266: https://blog.jokielowie.com/en/2017/10/esp-8266-sds011-smog-quick-wifi-sensor/

Please know this has been taken a lot further in the http://luftdaten.info/ project. Same hardware, community based.

@Jeroen_Meijer Yes, there are multiple projects using SDS0XX family, this is the simpliest one - to get you started - to show to the newcomers how easy SMOG sensor can be.

Simply have a look at the project feinstaubsensor. http://luftdaten.info/

@Mario_Schmidt Been there - done that! Great job by the team, again - this is not intended as solver for all the issues, but should help people who need to build something easy first, and then go for more complicated projects.

Sometimes you need a quick prototype to get everybody onboard for a more serious project.

This is it.

The Feinstaub project already solved much of the problems. So it is IMHO better to have a look at a already running project then to create the wheel again and again. So mentioning the feinstaub sensor project is only a hint to an already running project with many users.

@Mario_Schmidt Well, I disagree. Apart from pushing new people into it - they will try to solve same issues - and might do it differently. I found out that the sensor is working quite reliably if inside with short tube directed outside even with 80% or more humidity. This is DIY area - let’s not take this opportunity away.