Question On LW3 - is there a way to store the "defaults/saved settings" in

Question On LW3 - is there a way to store the “defaults/saved settings” in the LW3 directory so it loads the defaults when the server is started? (i.e. have the default laser configuration automatically loaded when the server is started)?

Cut / raster settings, no. Setting section should load exactly as the last time. Jog speed will not load

Hmmm…not working for me (Windows 10). I can restore from file. The settings stick…but are not reloaded after the server restarts.

Let me tray on my side. Just confirm we are talking about the setting section

@Michael_Audette ​ I cannot replicated your issue on windows 10. Setting tab gets reloaded fine for me

Ok I restarted the server a couple times and it restored my settings. I’m wondering why it wouldn’t restore the settings I had last week with the same LW3 install. When I stored the settings last time I had a different IP (Dynamic IP). Are the settings some how stored based on IP? It is working now…and the great news is I have my K40 w/ Ramps engraving reliably with SVG import and Gcode Export to the SD card. Since you guys don’t yet have a “ramps” server. (I know spend another 100 on a smoothie board). But the ramps is in and working good.

Including it turning the laser off reliably at the end with the exported Gcode.

Thanks for the quick response!

That’s awesome news for ramps users. Please share you setup in another post so other ramps users can also take advantage

Yep in bowser but related with the current host (ip in this case) maybe an option to save the settings on the server is not a bad idea. Maybe in LW4…

Hmmm…so for an install where this is going to be in a makerspace…it would be good to have the settings stored in the server (at least the defaults) should someone else connect to it and not have the right settings in their browser they might not know even where to find them. Definitely should put this on the “nice to have” in LW3/LW4 list. It’s the same reason why we store our steps per mm on the controller.

Maybe even have it check for the existence of a “settings.json” file and pull that in from one dumped from the browser.