question... is there something in chilipeppr that resets grbl when a file is finished?

question… is there something in chilipeppr that resets grbl when a file is finished? I have some cuts on a single piece that were in multiple files, and I thought I could just go to zero and start cutting the next one, but hitting go to zero sent the machine off into oblivion.

I watched carefully as the next file finished and as soon as it was done, I noticed the XYZ jump, as if my G92 had gotten lost (which I think is what happens on reset).

Is something resetting at the end of the file? Or maybe my file is doing something odd.

meant to tag @Jarret_Luft in case this is GRBL specific.

I believe M30 causes that on Grbl and has nothing to do with ChiliPeppr. Can you verify that your file had an M30 at the end? M30 acts different on TinyG, i.e. TinyG does not reset all your axes.

no m30… i do have "M5 M9 M2 " at the end… not sure what those do.

Interesting. Was planning on looking those up today. Thanks! I’ll see if I can automatically edit those out. I wonder why M2 would reset grbl? Probably because they want to clear the internal buffer and I think reset is the only way.

@Frank_Graffagnino this was an issue I always struggled with on Grbl and when I moved to TinyG I loved that this no longer would happen to me, because my way of cutting circuit boards is to run the file once and then if I’m not happy, move the Z down a bit, set it to Z zero, and re-run.

and you couldn’t just remove the M2 from the file?


Yes, you could, but culturally lots of items will reset Grbl. For newbies you tend to just think that’s the way things are or should be. Then you realize later that they’re just odd cultural rules of one platform vs another.

Removing the M2 made it work perfect. But yeah, I really need to learn how to use coordinate systems