Question: Is it possible to get people to come to weekend long in-person 3d

Is it possible to get people to come to weekend long in-person 3d printing workshops still?

How awesome would the workshop have to be to make you go?

It would have to be the most awesome. :slight_smile:

The DIY 3D printing community has been around long enough now that the average level of knowledge is pretty high. To be worthy of a 2 day weekend workshop, you would have to be introducing something new like a whole new take on 3D printing or a radically new printer design.

Anything else wouldn’t merit more than a few hours tops and it would need to be information that couldn’t be passed online in a video/blog post or chat.

I’m asking because I’ve been planning this Hangprinter Assembly Workshop for a long time. The Hangprinter is exactly a radically new design, but I don’t seem to have that magic ability to make people show up. So I’m basically looking for how.

Maybe I should have sent a request to lots and lots of makerspaces first, and promised to show up at the first one who comes back with a filled list of participants.

The event I’ve been trying to push (my first try) is this one:

I haven’t heard of build classes in several years and I never learned their secrets of making sure they had slots filled. I’m sorry you’re not seeing the interest you had hoped to get.


I think workshops would work best if they are targeted at a specific topic involving the hangprinter. Let´s say an architecturaldesign class or a maritime course of studies. Basically saying first that this could be useful in these fields. Then tailoring the workshop towards the specific printing needs and cut down a little on the technical stuff, so they got all the basic knowledge how to operate and maintain but can focus on there final objects for presentation or real world simulation.

Great tip. Thanks. I think it’s very important to the Hangprinter Project to start showing off applications.