Question, I an trying to decide between a CR-10S and a Tevo Tarantula.

Question, I an trying to decide between a CR-10S and a Tevo Tarantula. Both are roughly the same price and have the same build area. Pluses on the CR-10S side are dual Z steppers, filament out detection, and power out restore. The Tevo has faster heated bed and E3D extruder. Any other pluses or minuses I am not listing?

Wanhao D9 just announced also…

I would go with the Wanhao to be honest that Brad mentioned.
But if you are set on the two… I would go with that CR-10S, I’ve heard nothing good about them, and I hear a lot of gripes about Tarantula’s.
To be honest, check out Monoprice’s Mini, and the Monoprice Maker Select Pro (a re-branded Wanhao D6). Those are all better printers than the one you’re looking for.
I’ve found printers that the Z axis barely moves seem to be the best for LARGE prints, like the D6.

I’m giving up on most of the FDM printers, going to SLA like the Wanhao D7’s… check it out:

@Slim_Vision I’m too afraid of getting resin allergies from the FDMs. Imagine not being able to touch plastics without getting a rash. Must be a nightmare.

If you just want to print and not fiddle with the printer too much, i would get a prusa. I did the build kit, it was easy with good online manuals. The thing about prusa i like the most, is that they continue to update their product and evolve. A whole other experience than looking at the wanhao website, where the front page didn’t work for weeks. Well my 2 cents anyways, hope you find a working printer.