Question has anyone tried to a hybrid their CNC with a laser the backside

Question has anyone tried to a hybrid their CNC with a laser the backside of the gantry is empty and doing nothing I was thinking about putting a laser diode back they’re everything else is pretty much the same I was just wondering about this and thought I would see if anyone else had any success with this idea
Thanks for your time

I thought about doing this all the time, but as right now I haven’t do any research about laser just jet, currently I’m waiting for my OX Parts to come :), will find out soon

I’m about to do pretty much the same thing. I bought a 2 watt blue laser diode. So, I have the hardware. I’m just smarting up on software options.

@Bradley_D_Woods how does it work though? Does it need some kind of table like metal so it won’t burn throw?

I just watched a video yesterday, try a YouTube search. The guy has a small laser making a coaster on a similar build to an OX. I looked around and he’s on G+, and G+ people commented on it. It’s around, I would like to do this as well seems pretty simple. He was using relays.

@Timothy_Mike_McGuire you might want to check out Tweakie’s laser hybrid. It can be found at He has a long running build log on the machsupport forum. (,12444.0.html)

Thought about it myself, so I started playing around with some diy instructions I have found across the net. Started with this small version and it worked okay.

Tried a couple others. Bought a larger laser and need to get a bigger driver now to try out another design.

Kind of thinking about going with mr. Beam next