Question for the group in that I'm curious to see if there are any

(Tim Sills) #1

Question for the group in that I’m curious to see if there are any users that have the Palette and what their thoughts are on the Palette 2? Saw vid the other day on the new version. I get how it works, but I wonder about its precision cause it needs to be spot on.

(Marian Smith) #2

the crane has a quad it does away with the weird and software requirements

(Christian Schulz) #3

palette2 uses an online slicer and is not compatible to normal slicers.

(Christian Schulz) #4

@Marian_Smith it’s a Prusa i3 Mk2 Multi Material ripoff.

(Daid Braam) #5

@Christian_Schulz silly prusa fanboy. Palette did multi material long before Prusa.

(Christian Schulz) #6

@Daid_Braam perhaps you should consider reading the post i was answering to.

(Daid Braam) #7

@Christian_Schulz my mistake. sorry. You are right, 50% of the cheap 3D printers are Prusa ripoffs.

(Jeff DeMaagd) #8

M3D’s quad color head is very different in how it works and what parts it uses than MMU (1 or 2) or Palette for that matter, it’s a continuous mixing head to boot, something neither of the others do. The Crane’s frame has more in common with tjb1’s E1X machine than any specific generation of Prusa frame. This doesn’t mean I’m endorsing their product. It’s just that it’s pretty clearly not a ripoff product.

(Tim Sills) #9

Agree in that I wasn’t keen on having to use their slicer, but was going to create and account to check it out. Anyone have some input on the quad head?

(Baldur Norddahl) #10

@Christian_Schulz prusa mmu and palette are completely different concepts. There is no splicing of filament in the prusa mmu system. Really the only common elements is multimaterial and only one hotend and neither was invented by prusa.

(Christian Schulz) #11

@Baldur_Norddahl please consider reading the post that I was answering to, before criticize mine. Thanks

(Baldur Norddahl) #12

@Christian_Schulz the crane does something that prusa mmu can not do, so please explain how it is a ripoff? Prusa mmu can not mix colours. The crane must use a different mechanism to do that.

(Christian Schulz) #13

@Baldur_Norddahl ok, what does it con do? as far as i have seen there is no mixing of colors in the crane. what makes you think it can do that?

(Baldur Norddahl) #14

@Christian_Schulz your turn to read the article. They do not say how, but claim this:

More than just features, it’s what’s possible with the Crane Dual and Crane Quad that really makes it special, such as color mixing, applying different material to different areas of the print and even 50,000 color spectrum 3d printing with the four-in, one-out quad extruder.

(Baldur Norddahl) #15

The crane probably uses something like this:

Note that prusa mmu was not original either. There is a reprap project that does almost the same. I believe that the improvements in mmu 2 is original though.

(Adam Steinmark) #16

So the biggest thing the Palette 2 has going for it is that it’s versatile, you can use it to upgrade your older 3D printers that wont get any fancy multi-color upgrades. It’s an add-on for nearly any printer, according to their website you don’t have to use their slicer you can run any gcode through their post processing script. It’s certainly not the best solution for multi-material printing especially with vastly different melting temperatures. The Prusa MMU V2 does better at multi-material printing but the Palette 2 has the potential for lower volume of wipe due to consistent extrusion. Of course the most capable method for multi-color and multi-material printing would be using a tool changer like in E3D’s famous system but the Palette 2 allows you to upgrade nearly any machine to multi-color printing at a lower cost. It really depends on what printer you use whether this is a good option for you. I wouldn’t use it for my Prusa or my custom machine but I would consider getting it for my Printrbot down the road.

(printing enjoy) #17

It would be nice if it was supported by zortrax ~ ~