Question. Does anyone know the pinout for TinyG2? Thanks in advance.

Question. Does anyone know the pinout for TinyG2? Thanks in advance.

Is this what you are looking for?

If not, I suggest asking on the Synthetos forum … ChiliPeppr is not a Synthetos product.

No its not. I am aware that Synthetos & Chilipeppr are not affiliated.
I thought since TinyG is also supported by Chilipepper there would have been a fellow G2 user here. I guess not. Sorry for asking a non-chilipeppr question here.

It wasn’t the intent of my reply to suggest you not ask here, just to yeti and help you find your answer.
Why was the link I provided insufficient? It is my understanding that v9 of the hardware is where g2 will run.

Is this more what you are looking for, but for G2? Is what you are after.

Thanks @Riley_Porter_ril3y Exactly what I needed.

Please post your question over at!forum/devtinyg
Please add the following info : What platform (v9, Due ?)
What Pin(s) are you looking for?
You can assume that a Gshield connected to a Due drives three motors correctly.

I am presently deciphering a couple questions about limit switches, etc for someone else.

@Riley_Porter_ril3y Already answered my question. I am not using a gShield. I needed the pin outs to drive external drivers.

Yup, you have what I would have sent. Enjoy.
Note, should you try CP with tinyG2, use the URL , there are some startup issues with the current builds of G2 and the standard tinyG workspace.