Question about the machine position between power cycles.

Question about the machine position between power cycles. After I run a job I’ll sometimes return it to my XY zero location if I have to keep the registration intact. Next boot up Chilipeppr shows seemingly random coordinates and I have to re-zero. I’m just wondering if this is normal behaviour or maybe I’m doing something wrong? I’ve been running everything in the G54 coordinate system.

This sounds like your controller, not ChiliPeppr. ChiliPeppr just reflects the position the controller tells you. Are you TinyG or Grbl?

Yeah I wasn’t sure if it was the controller or not. I’m using the tinyg FW version 440.20, SPJS version 1.86.

Keep in mind if you use G92 that an M2 or M30, which is usually placed at the end of a gcode file by a CAM program, will turn off G92 and make you see the behavior you’re describing. That’s expected though.

G92 is the temporary coordinate system correct? I’ve never used it. I still haven’t figured out all the coordinate system functions actually. I just hit G54 and use that work coordinate system.