Question about Acceleration values

(Chapeux Pyrate_SW) #1

Setting up for controlling X-Carve CNC ~
I think I have most of the config worked out ~ except I am not so sure of the values for Plan Ahead ~ acceleration
On the CNC section ( ~ you recommend turning down the acceleration ~ “Depending on your machine type, a good recommendation is 25mm/second^2.”

This is what I have done in the Config ~
acceleration 25 # Acceleration in mm/second/second. (Original Setting- 3000 <-my notation)
#z_acceleration 500 # Acceleration for Z only moves in mm/s^2, 0 uses acceleration which is the default. DO NOT SET ON A DELTA

is this correct ~ I am seeing a couple of forum posts where some have set Acceleration to something like 1500 ~ so I just want to be sure.
I include the disabled z-acceleration as I am wondering if I should enable and set that to some value or just let the first line set the acceleration.

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(Arthur Wolf) #2

This sounds about right. Once everything works, you can try increasing it, until it starts causing problems.