Qudrap CoreXY Z-Axis

Qudrap CoreXY Z-Axis

Added some pictures of the Z-Axis. 10mm ACME srew with 2mm pitch. The nut is red brass, the shafts are 12mm. Lead screw, nut and shaft are from http://www.dold-mechatronik.de/, bearings and couplers are from eBay.

Mind doing some concentric circle tests. That’s where I fought backlash on my corexy. Great job by the way.

tried to draw concentric circles with an object, but a gcode file just for this purpose would be better (like Shaukis Spiral Square). How did you test?
The result looks quite ok, I’ll post it.

@Daniel_F I found dxf2gcode works well for this:


I just use it to generate the move gcode and add my start, stop gcode by hand.

thanks Eric, I’ll try it