Quality Optics

(Anthony Bolgar) #1

It has been my experience that one of the best things you can do is to upgrade your mirrors and lens from the crap that they ship the K40 with. Get some good quality MO mirrors that will withstand repeated cleaning, and a high quality American sourced ZnSe lens. Notice I said American sourced, not American made. ii-iv infrared is the world leader in ZnSe lenses and they manufacture the highest purity ZnSe in the world at a U.S. plant, then ship it out to factories around the world, including their own. I use their lenses exclusively and have found them to be the highest performing that are still affordable (around $40 USD). I get a percieved increase in cutting speed of about 20% by using their lenses over other ZnSe lenses that are made with China sourced material.

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(Ned Hill) #2

Absolutely agree, if you are buying a laser the best bang for the buck upgrades are the optics. A source for good quality MO mirrors at an affordable price is over at Cohesion3D. I run these in my laser and they are great.

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