QuadrapCoreXY more prints

QuadrapCoreXY more prints


some more prints after I adjusted the carriages (tightened the screws to remove play) and fixed the extruder problem.
Any comments about the Quality? I don’t know what to expext, all objects are printed in ABS @about 270 to 280°, the cube and the robo have 50% infill the gardena water rocket cap 100% to make it water proof.
I use a e3dv6 3mm bowden hotend with 0.4mm nozzle
Print speed is still quite low @40mm/s, acceleration is set to 3000mm/s^2. what can I expect? 100mm/s? 200mm/s
The hotend groove mount might be a problem if I increase the speed and acceleration too high, maybe I can secure the hotend with a cable tie. I already added an extra guide for the bowden tube to the cariage above the hotend because when the hotennd moved, the angle of the bowden tube changed and this also moved the hotend a little bit. now this should not hapen anymore. What is the limmitation of the hotend in terms of extrusion speed?

@Shauki So you are going back to 3mm filament? My original bowden was also 6/4, the one that came with e3d has slightly smaller id, about 3.5mm.

anyone with a 3mm bowden e3d, how fast can you print ABS?

ok, I see, maybe @Eclsnowman s Extruder could help to avoid that because it allows the bowden tube to get as close to the drive bolt as possible

@Daniel_F the design is for 1.75mm filament. But it could easily be modified for 3.00mm from the solidworks file. I still need to make the flint wheel version for Shauki. Overall I have been very happy with its performance.

@Shauki instead of putting 2 or more flint steppers to drive one filament you could also use a nema 23 with 6.3mm shaft and use the normal BIC lighter flint. that would give you extra torque with just one stepper. I think it should be possible to find one with less than 2A per phase i.e. 1.7A

@Shauki I understand. I never had that issue, but like most things with this hobby peoples mileage will vary. Also I use a planetary stepper with an aggressive hobb pulley which is no longer available (Trinity Labs).