Qr bondtech extruder


I am new here. I am having problems with my extruder. The motor was running well before starting any test. Even when I try to extrude 50mm I get 50mm out. So when I said to myself that it’s good time to print my first part I found myself faced with this problem: the axes move and start to print but the extruder motor does not turn ( it tries to turn but without success). And that’s just when I try to print a part!

I had doubts about the filament I am using, so I cleaned everything and changed the filament, but without success. So I made another impression but now without using any filament just to see if the motor will run or not. But still without result.

Any help please…

Thank you.

Just to make sure we understand:

Regardless of whether there is any filament in the printer, the extruder motor turns if you go into the menu and tell it to advance the extruder; but when you are printing, the extruder motor doesn’t turn.

Can you please share more about your system? What control board? What firmware?

Please feel free to share pictures as well.

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