QIDI X Max 3 Klipper issue

I purchased the QIDI x-Max 3 and in error updated the Klipper Firmware, I was then informed I needed to purchase a new EMMC card, did that and installed as according to QIDI direction, now the print is more or less locked in the REBOOT screen, wont do anything. anyone help?

What has Qidi support said?

getting no reply from my emails, 3 days and counting wondered if someone else had the issue and found resolution

Hmm. Not a Chinese holiday right now. They have typically been more responsive than that.

Did your EMMC card come with a microsd adapter? Mine did, and that should definitely allow re-flashing from the firmware that Qidi post.

@Daniel_Quites successfully replaced the EMMC card earlier, I believe.

@Steve_Hill asked this:

No details on “stuck” so I don’t think anyone had any magic insights, but maybe it was the same thing?

I did but my lap top does not recognize it as a USB for example or another drive on the PC to allow me to copy the latest software to it

I solved my problem by replacing the EMMC. I took this opportunity and bought the 32gb version and with it came an usb adapter to flash my old EMMC. I could notice a slight improvement on the printer.

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Did you use a microsd-USB adapter then? At least the one I got doesn’t connect directly to USB, it goes into a microsd adapter. Are you following QIDI’s instructions?

My Mac does not recognize the drive as well, it only appears inside the Balena etcher software.

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