Q: What TinyG power mode settings do people use? In particular,

Q: What TinyG power mode settings do people use?

In particular, I’d like for all axis to stay powered while a gcode file is being run. RIght now, I have all of my axis set to a power mode of 2, and my Z enable is turning off $mt seconds after the last Z move, even though X & Y are still moving. This in turn causes the Z to get pulled deeper and deeper (I’m using a traditional endmill).

I’d also like to make sure that all of the steppers stay energied during a tool change.

Does power mode 1 (on all time) work correctly (while machining)?
Sort of sounds like a bug, as I read the description of mode 2(my read, as is yours I suspect: any motor moving, all motors powered)

Are you running FW 440.14? It fixed some issues in this area

I would like the steppers to shut off at the end of a job, which seems to preclude modes 0 & 1. But I can try it as a test.

I checked my fw and its reporting 438.02 - so I’ll try updating. Thanks for the hint.

If that doesn’t fix it, I suppose I could put commands in the gcode to change power modes of all of the motors at the beginning and end of a job. It just seems weird to me that I should have to do that.

Repraps (Marlin et al) have a special M command to turn off the motors, that’s usually what I use instead of having an ‘automatic’ mode.
On grbl, I have to manuall use $1=255 (keep the motors always on) and $1=254 (turn them off after 254ms)…