PWM (Pulse Width Modulation)

Another Newbie to laser engraving.
Just purchased a Vigotec VG-L7X and concerned about the quality of the glasses supplied (no details or compliance stamps).

I have contacted Lastek and gave them the information marked on the Module in order to buy certified goggles.

Model: BG20w

Working Current: 2A Max

Optical Power: 5000mW

Wavelength: 450nM

Output Control: PWM

They responded asking ( Is your laser CW, pulsed or modulated ? and if modulated, please advise repetition rate/frequency and pulse duration).

I have emailed Sanwu for details, but to date have had no response. So, my question’s are, does anyone know any other way to find these details?, is this a control issue on the Vigotec Control Board?.

I maybe going a little overboard for some members, however my eye sight is very precious to me, and am not prepared to risk them.

Any assistance would be appreciated, thanks for reading.

While I can’t answer the question, one more: Have you also considered making an enclosure? We had recent discussion on choice of acrylic for an enclosure.

Hi Michael, thank you for the response anyway.

I will be constructing an enclosure with interlock safety switches in the near future, however as I am not prepared to even fire it up without appropriate eye protection, the enclosure is taking second place to the goggles, (noted the certified shielding in your response, thank you).

Lastek being an Australian company is my first point of inquiry, but unfortunately I cannot answer their questions as yet.

Best Regards

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It’s refreshing to have folks show up with proper concern for eyesight! “Do not look into laser with remaining eye…”

I think most of the LED lasers are PWM modulated. Since the boards they ship are reported to run grbl, 1kHz is likely. Pulse duration is anything up to 100% duty cycle.