Putting a call out for any experienced 3D Printer owners.

Putting a call out for any experienced 3D Printer owners. We’re looking for someone who would be interested in working on small props for upcoming shorts and other exciting projects.

Get in touch if you think you can help or would like to be involved in something pretty special.

EDIT: Someone just pointed out that we should mention our geographical location. DeepFried35 are based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Thanks to Shachar Weis for pointing that out :wink:

Your friendly fryer,

It would help if you gave some hints as to your geographical location.

Sounds interesting - what exactly do you folks have in mind? :slight_smile:

There’s some weapons we need printed and some other props.

Our upcoming Zombie short could benefit from some 3D printed props, although it’s not essential, it would be good to have people we could use when we do need something though.

Funbie, have you tried the acetone technique to smooth printed parts and if so, how good are they afterwards?

How large are the pieces which you guys are looking at? Sometimes,there may be easier methods of getting props done and I have cosplay friends who use stuff like foam and get really cool props out. :wink:

We’re using PLA plastic so unfortunately acetone smoothing doesn’t work on it.