PSA - Flu Shots

My daughter and I got our flu shots today. In the US, flu cases start to rise in October and last through March, but doesn’t typically start to peak until Dec. The vaccine takes about 2 weeks to reach full effectiveness, so now is the time to get your shot.



It’s also worth noting for future reference that you can get your flu shot too early. Some studies suggest that the vaccine loses ~16% of its effectiveness every 4 weeks.

They may be more effective due to the new vaccine factory that came online recently. Previously, it was my experience that I got trivalent vaccine as a low-risk member of the general public, with quadrivalent reserved for high-risk population. This year, I noticed that I got quadrivalent vaccine.


Hmm your right, just looked and we got the Quad as well.

Just looked it up and according to the CDC 81% of the vaccine supply this year is the quadrivalent vaccine.


Not sure how I missed this topic. As a health care provider, I am strongly recommend to get my flu shot which I do religiously. I am truly surprised at how many of my coworkers do not get the shot and will just wear a surgical mask when around patients. Unfortunately this does little to protect from the wearer from the flu. I have never heard a doctor say that the flu shot does not work!

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