Proxxon KT 70 turned into Bubblegum CNC! Yes,

Proxxon KT 70 turned into Bubblegum CNC! Yes, next up building the chassis and attaching the Z axis.

Nice work, I love seeing people do this conversion as it was my first cad project.

Turned My MF70 into a cnc too, unfortunately grblweb doesn’t Work as i want it to (yet). Great Job btw. :slight_smile:

@Nub_Cake Thanks Alex.

I did an initial test of the steppers by attaching them to the x and y of one of my 3D printer controllers and using Pronterface to move the axis.

Initially I found that the long axis (X) was generating a lot more resistance to movement (perhaps double the amount of force for the short axis) and so I took a VS drill and ran the axis back and forth several times to loosen it up a bit.

For control I have ordered a Protonerr CNC card for a Raspberry PI 3 that uses GRBL. My plan is to use the 7in touch screen for CNC control. We’ll see how well that works in a dirty environment.

The Z-axis of course is a C-beam with a Nema 23. Probably overkill for a Dremel (my initial planned spindle).

Using the same Setup with Pi and protoneer Board, not Sure why, but i can’t Seem to get the Machine to Take the dimensions i specified. It shrinks the whole Thing down to a 5th or even a 10th of the gcode given Size.

@Nub_Cake If the Protoneer is setup like a 3D printer then its sounds a lot your steps per mm settings are not correct. When I get mine I can let you know what I wind up with for those values.

@Scott_Lewis ​ that’d be Great, Thank You.

@Nub_Cake Sorry this took so long to get back to you, My steps per MM are 1600.000. However that also is affected by the number of microsteps the drivers are set to. Mine are 1/16 and I am using the DRV8825 drivers

@Scott_Lewis no worries, thanks for the Info, cant Check my Setup at the moment… Busy Building my Future House :smile: but i‘ll Check it in about 6 Months :see_no_evil::joy: