Proposed product: pulsing nozzle cleaner

(Nathaniel Stenzel) #1

I think someone need to start working on a design for a device that you can screw a nozzle into that will hold acetone or another solvent and pulsate that against a jam in the nozzle so that we can get the nozzle jams cleared quicker. I know a few would say just buy multiple nozzles and keep them in the acetone until the jam is gone, but I have doubts that you can be sure that the jam is really cleared and sometimes it is just nice to have things squeaky clean. Also, the liquid coming out of the nozzle would help you determine if the nozzle is cleared or still jammed or somewhere in between. Would anyone care to make this item?

(anon57870006) #2

I have tried to clean from PETG in Ultrasound bath for hours at work and it did not clean anything.

(Ned Hill) #3

Have you tried using Dichloromethane (aka Methylene Chloride)? It’s commonly found in paint strippers and PETG has a poor chemical resistance rating against it.

(anon57870006) #4

Never heard about and my colleague from the paint shop also does not know. Where can I buy it in Germany?

(Ned Hill) #5

Hmmm it appears that Dichloromethane paint strippers have actually been banned in the EU.

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(Ned Hill) #6

Methyl Ethyl Ketone is another you could try, also found in paint strippers. It’s related to acetone but is more aliphatic (hydrophobic).

(anon57870006) #7

Is this the right one what you mean, @Nedman?

(Ned Hill) #8

Yes that is it.

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(anon57870006) #9

@NathanielStenzel I can imagine something like a stand mixer where instead of the rotating knife is a rotating ring into which one screws the nozzles in with the tips of the nozzle directed out of the center.
This will add pressure to the cleaning fluid in the direction of the output of the nozzle.

(Nathaniel Stenzel) #10

I am suggesting a tube and not a bath. It would attempt to pass the cleaning agent through it and it would pulsate the liquid while attempting to pump the cleaning liquid through.