[Pronterface/Skeinforge] Slow and out of Memory So I went to print this:

[Pronterface/Skeinforge] Slow and out of Memory
So I went to print this:
It took it over nine hours for it to produce the GCode and before i did it failed with an out of memory error,
I have 8 BG of RAM on 64bit Win7.
Clearly there is a setting in Python that caused this error. Anyone know where that setting is so I can actually print?

You’re still using Skeinforge? SF is a huge PITA for everything. I got around the out of memory error once by setting up Python x64 (and dependencies) and sliced even the largest jobs. Really, thought, try Slic3r, it’ll probably slice your file in less than fifteen minutes.

For me any performance advantage that slic3r used to have is completely gone in recent versions. I used to have horrible problems with slic3r OOMing a box with 12gb of ram when working on not overly large stl files. Last night I loaded a simple 32MB binary stl file. slic3r grinded on it for ages and does not seem to make any progress. Where as the same file sliced just fine, but slowly, with cura/skeinforge.