Pronterface is designed for use with a 3D printer, however,

Pronterface is designed for use with a 3D printer, however, can be used to send gcode commands to any machine.

I personally use this to send gcode to my mill which i have converted to use RAMPS electronics with Marlin firmware as its ideal for a small desktop mill like mine.



Thanks for the information. I remember when I started building my first mill I intended on using an Arduino but I ended up with something at the other end of the power spectrum.

I am writing an app for (simple, 2 layer/sided) PCB design and gcode generation. It would be great to push directly to a mill. If I can provide a combination hardware / software solution this could prove very much worthwhile. I may opensource it, both software and hardware, if I can find a place to profit from it.

As I am not familiar with the workflow you are using, I have some questions. Do I have to use python? I am only proficient in AutoIT, a robust scripting language, but may not be capable. Would it be possible to send gcode commands to the arduino via a front end custom software interface? I assume that is what your doing but just want to verify. I can write the the interface for what I want it to do, convert that process to gcode, but am wondering if I can send this code to the arduino. And last, once I have modified the arduino with this code, I assume the normal process of using the IDE for remaining I/O of leftover pins is out of the question, is that accurate?

Thanks Again!


The workflow i am using:

LibreCAD ->HeeksCNC -> Pronterface ->Marlin

LibreCAD: 2D drafting
HeeksCNC: toolpath / GCode
Pronterface: GCode sender
Marlin: Arduino Firmware (GCode interpretor)

I’m pretty sure you could implement your idea in any programming language. You just need to send the arduino gcode over serial or you could just generate the gcode and use LinuxCNC or an existing gcode sender such as pronterface or replicatorG.

I hope this helps.