Project "RingRap Kawasaki" is started! Thx to Shauki for his RingRap

Project “RingRap Kawasaki” is started!
Thx to Shauki for his RingRap



The cubes are for another project like Quadrap!

As an pensioner , i’m notorious slow!

Agrr stay in late :slight_smile:

@Shauki It is only a wordplay for Bicycle (Rims) and the colour of Kawasaki

Damned, my extruder crashed when i’m looking soccer.One more hour for trash.

i restart this night…with 4 xy corners

after this can print elephat foot.

Where is the parts list? Did you model for 26" rims or 29".

I may end up remodeling the rim mount parts in openSCAD to allow for the the use of any rim diameter.

Camerin currently is for 26" (32 holes)
i made someting but is complex for adapt any rim.(open scad + dxf rim profile)

I was doing some research on rim profiles… it is not friendly. Have you posted your stuff? I have some ideas on how to make it work.

no publish because is really rude but can share.


difference() {
rotate_extrude(convexity = 0, $fn = 50)
import (file = “demo.dxf”);
for ( i = [0 : nhole] )