Progress on the Test rig build.

Progress on the Test rig build. All the mechanical assembly except for the drive belts is complete.

Is that a 3d printer also? Why the long Z?


Using that much z to ease cable management for the spindle?

Looks cool. :slight_smile:

Yup, spindle is long, as well I needed to have a place to mount dust collector hose, laser diode driver mount etc. I will also be making a set of tall OX plates in the near future so the added Z will be of use then.

Do you like the red racing stripes? I will be powder coating the tall OX plates once I have made them, probably in blue or red.

looks great, kinda jealous now heh. Wish I had that much free room for a “test rig” :wink:

I have about 1000 sq ft of my house for my various hobbies. 2 laser cutters, vinyl plotter, 3d printer, “Test rig”, a room just for electronics fab,. a hobby room just for my fleet of R/C planes, helis, quads. It is dangerous being retired…lol!

I see a T.A.R.D.I.S!!! :wink:

I have Tardis’s (Tardi?)all over the house. I am a huge Dr. Who fan.

Drive belts are now installed. Just have to start wiring it up. Only thing other than the electronics is to make a spoiler board (Just a piece of MDF 30" X 59" X 3/4") I will eventually make a vacuum hold down system for it, as well as a drop in T-slot table.