Problems to get chilipeppr running

Hi there.
I probably need some help. I need to be able to do suface levelling. and just can’t get it to play.

I use GRBL 1.1f ( blackbox ) and usually use Openbuild control software. on windows 10

firstly i have big problems getting it to connect to the controller and then get an open door alarm all the time.
I’ve managed to get it to start leveling twice, but after 3 points it stops, and yes, it doesn’t want to anymore.

Is it meant that, after running levelling, you run the job in Chillipeppr, or do I save the file and run in e.g. openbuild control ?

Hope someone has a few tips for a newbie :slight_smile:

Regards Lars

I think if you’re seeing the probe fail after 3 steps you are getting an error back from your controller and the process is crapping out. Usually this happens if you go beyond a threshold of movement on the z move and the controller is worried that an endmill broke or something. You can turn on further output in the console to see the error, i.e. turn off the filter/funnel.

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