Problem with Z Axis

I’m having issue with adjusting Z Axis compensation on printer Creality CR 6 SE

Please refer to image, when I click the button Z Axis Compensation printer adjust the Z Axis itself by moving to the center location of the bed and touching the bed twice, then I can further fine tune it by pressing the up/down buttons and a paper under the nozzle.

Its quite weird that every time i click the Z Axis compensation button nozzle clearance to the bed is different. Please note that without pressing up/down button its different

It causing me great issue because even after adjusting the Z Axis when i start printing it ends up to invalid Z Axis position like some time its too down and some time its too high on the bed.

I gave a general look to hardware like X gantry is quite firm on the rail, Z Axis also looks good.

Need help how can i get rid of this issue.

If there’s not good repeatability between nozzle touch off then I’d say it’s a problem with their implementation. Either how they’re getting the zero point off the strain gauge or something loose in the assembly that makes it non-repeatable. I probably contact the manufacturer and say you have a problem maybe they’ll send you out new components or a newer version of the firmware.