Problem with laser, i believe that is the motherboard

Good morning everyone, I have some problems with my laser, my laser is a 65x65 blue laser, it has a motherboard that annoy tool like the photo, the first days it worked well, here is a photo with some settings that it had (first image ) and the images came out very well, I even applied a layer of gloss to see how it looked, the best quality lasted almost 4 minutes, with 2953 mm-min, 100% power, 11 dot / mm, 1ms, in point gray , it takes between 2 to 4 minutes per image, the next day when I try to make the same designs with the same settings, all the designs came out burned, and apart they took between 10 to minutes, do not modify anything, I am using a program called laserengraver3.0 , I did not change anything, however everything was burned, the same with lightburn, checking the printer I realized that it had a white button near the on and off port, I pressed it, and then the printer the designs just came out almost invisible marks, press it again and again the designs were burned, and so I was all afternoon, trying to solve that, sometimes the designs or they were burned or they were simply not seen after pressing that button

I believe that’s the reset for the Nano controller.

thanks! what exatly is the nano, i try to google but no find anything good, i yesterday press that buttom and each time it make the laser to burn de design or make barely visible

It’s a hobby board… :slight_smile: Here’s one at Amazon.

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Nano is a form of the Arduino controller. You will have to go to the official Arduino website to see all the official forms of the board. There are plenty unofficial forms of the board too. Every board has it’s pro’s and cons so it is up to the user and or designer to decide which one to use.

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thans a lot, i look on arduino page and found this is the board on my motherboard Arduino Nano — Arduino Official Store and yes that buttom is a reset for this nano board, what i dont understand what it make? becouse if i use the same exatly setting on the program laserengraver 3.0 i will burn the design, if i press that buttom, and try it again i will make the design barely visible, is i press again the buttom now the design is burn again, so i dont understand why that modificate the laser power or speed… the firts time i was doing great tiny design in 5 minutes, now the same design with the same size i take around 15 min, i found a solution yesterday, i make the design on lightburn and after convert that to a gcode, and after upluaded that gcode to the program and is having better result, and is taking around 3 minutes for the design, the only thing i have to figure out now is the power or speed, becouse i noticed that is engraving to hard, if i try to make like a print on the wood, with no to many engraved, i don’t know how do that, but i will do more test the weekend!, this is a sample

this one was made with maximun power of 55, minumun of 10 , and speed of 1600/mm, so what should be my setting is i want something more like a print ?

Until you learn more about what is gcode and how to verify all of the firmware settings, you should not be resetting the firmware controller without restarting your gcode sender application. If your gcode sender application uploads settings to your controller you could be erasing those updates by hitting the reset button.

If you gcode sender application has a “console” you can look at that to see things like your firmware settings. If it’s running GRBL firmware then the $$ command entered into the console should show you the settings. Then you can compare the setting before resetting and after resetting to see if they are changing.

thanks! yeah i will don’t touch more that bottom, u have a “solution” for the moment, i just created the design and the power and speed in lightburn, after i make that a gcode and put in the program, and my machine come with a pendrive with files that i installed the first time, so i will try to re install that to see if that will give that setting that i was using the same day, but for the momment i found i “nice” setting for engrave, that is like the image that i posted before, now i will keep testing to see what seeting are good for something less engraved and more like a print !

To engrave less deep but still make it dark you should set less power and slower speed, as Wood needs some time to get dark.

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thanks that is a great advise, i am waiting for some plywood to come, i use all my scrap wood! i think that i have a problem with the focus,you can see the difference in the image, i save the file as a gcode, i use one the friday and the darker the saturday, i don’t change nothing and i lose all details, this happent as well the last week, i use a file , one day work perfect and the next day look way different, this is normal? that one day from another day this happen, i have to check the lens of the laser each day?

The lens on my diode laser was so loose that it was shifting only from vibrations. To prevent that, I mounted a rubber gasket around the lens holder.

Also be aware that humidity has a big influence on the engraving result. Higher humidity in the wood means it needs more energy (takes longer) to get brown.

Also insure that the gantry is not sloppy. Mine was so bad I had to add eccentric spacers.