Problem with goto zero

Home functions as it should and I can manually move X, Y and Z to set the Zero position. However when at the Home position and selecting Go To Zero, ClilliPeppr moves X, Y and Z at the same time toward Zero as it should and while moving Z in the minus direction it drags the milling bits right across the mounting hardware. Can the Go To Zero motion be adjusted in ChilliPeppr somewhere because I also use UGS and the Z doesn’t drop until the tool is at XY.

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There is a pulldown on each axis that let’s you go to zero. I would use that first instead of just the generic home.

You could also write a macro that overrides that button to make it much fancier to go to 0 on XY and then watch the position to then know when to trigger the Z homing.

The other thing I do is always make Z zero be the top of my work piece and -Z is below the surface. Then you never get the problem you’re describing.

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