Problem with extrusion in start script

Hey there,
i use the latest smoothieware. I set a “G1 E10 F100” in my startscript to fill the nozzle, but the extruder only
make a second “psssst” noise and won’t extrude something. The print itself works fine.

Here ist my gcode:

;### Einstellungen Start
M206 Z1.1; Offset Z
M220 S100; Feedrate 100%
M221 S100; Flowrate 100%
;### Einstellungen Ende

;### Start Print
OCTO6 ; Bed Fan aus
OCTO1 ; Licht an
OCTO9 ; Cam an
OCTO3 ; Bord Fan an
M107; Luefter ausschalten
M140 S60 ; Heatbed vorheizen
M104 S180 T0; Nozzle vorheizen
M42 S155; Speed Hotend Fan

G28 X Y; home X Y axes
G1 Y20 F6000
M105 ;Temp lesen
OCTO2 ;Licht aus zum Homing
G28 Z
G1 Z10

M105 ;Temp lesen
M140 S70 ;Heatbed vorheizen

G32 X5Y20A280B310 ;ABL start
OCTO1 ;Licht an
G1 X10 Y10 F6000
G28 X Y

M106 S255
G4 P500
M106 S0
M140 S60 ; Heat buildplate
M104 S220 T0 ; Heat extruder
M190 S60 ; Stabilize bed temperature
M109 S220 T0 ; Stabilize extruder temperature
G1 Z0 F1500; Bett Up
G92 E0; Extruder set to 0
G4 P1000; 1s warten
G1 F200 E10; Etwas Filament extrudieren
;G92 E0; Extruder set to 0
G92 E0
G1 E-7.5000 F2400
G1 Z0.200 F1500
; process Process1
; layer 1, Z = 0.200
; tool H0.200 W0.800
; skirt
G1 X139.490 Y134.162 F9000
G1 E-0.3000 F720
G92 E0
G1 X139.492 Y134.160 E0.0002 F1200
G1 X140.195 Y133.378 E0.0701

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You say you have “G1 E10 F100” but then you show your code and I can’t find it in there.

Also are you sure it’s not just your extruder acceleration that’s too fast for your hardware ?