Problem while pause or stopping print

While warming up my 3D print it spills filament very slowly and if while print I pause printing or stop print it leaves a pile please refer to image.

I want to know if its normal or it needs some tuning

It’s normal, and often called “oozing”

Printers that have multiple nozzles need to deal with this, and there have been lots of creative solutions, but a common answer is to print a waste tower to throw away. :grimacing:

It can typically be reduced but not eliminated with more retraction.

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it’s also less of a problem if you can stop inside of an infill area as opposed to perimeters, top or bottom.

If you have the ability to compile your own modified marlin firmware, you can enable the advanced pause feature in Marlin (for M600). That allows M600 to have a specific Pause/Park location and even retract/prime commands to minimize oozing and reprime before continuing.