Problem when engraving it's burning on some places

(Gerardo De Nicolas) #1

I have a problem with this project. Is a solution to improve the focusing of the laser?

(Cesco Aiel) #2

What exactly is the problem you’re trying to solve? Kinda confused what I am looking at…

(Gerardo De Nicolas) #3

@CescoAiel thanks for asking. Some numbers are engraved correctly, as 1, 4, 7 or 11 on the metric side, but the rest are not engraved correctly and burned the material

(Ariel Yahni (UniKpty)) #4

Could you be buying twice in those spots?

(Juraj “Yuraï K-Turba” Krč-Turba) #5

Can you share the file ? Probably you have more than one layer ?

(Gerardo De Nicolas) #6

The file I am trying to engrave:

(Gerardo De Nicolas) #7


(Juraj “Yuraï K-Turba” Krč-Turba) #8

As I said… for the number 3… there is 20 “mini-lines” paths.

(Gerardo De Nicolas) #9

@Juraj_Yurai_K-Turba Thanks for finding the problem. What do you recommend me to engrave it in paper, avoiding burning it?