Problem Initializing K40 whisperer

Hi all, I recently purchased a cheap Chinese K40 Laser and are having trouble getting K40 whisperer to initialize the laser. The laser draw programme that came with the laser works but I would much rather use whisperer.
Any help would really be appreciated.

You’ll have to describe what the trouble is, folks here aren’t great at mind-reading. :rofl:

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Are you trying to do a windows install? If so did you go through all the installation instructions?

Sounds like you might not have the correct usb library installed.

Thank you for that will check that out today and thank you for your so quick reply.

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Sorry I should have taken more time in my describing my problem.

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Hi Ned, You were absolutely correct as it was the incorrect USB settings. I had not followed the windows installation instructions. After receiving the package I was super eager and in to much of a hurry to get it the K40 working. I have to add that I was also happy that there was someone like yourself to understand what I was in need off. So a very grateful thank you again.
Regards from Oz, down under Col.


Turns out I was wrong and @Nedman is a mind reader! :rofl: