Problem Generating/loading GCode onto TinyG

After cutting several PCBs yesterday and today, I suddenly lost control of my CNC. After a cold boot, although I can jog, no GCode is loaded into TinyG from the EagleBoard widget, although the widget will generate what looks like good GCode… Sending it to the Workspace seems to do nothing. For my sake, I suspect a sudden software change and am therefore hoping to hear that others are experiencing the same problem. But if not, any suggestions as to how I go about rectifying this problem?

My problem disappeared. Not sure why, but for now all appears to be back to normal.

@Rick_Obel: I was having similar “ghost in the machine” issues with my TinyG on my OpenBuilds Ox CNC router. Long story short, it was EMF noise from the Spindle/VFD causing intermittent problems. My suggestion: look for potential EMF noise generation and how to mitigate it. At a bare minimum, use a USB cable with a ferrite core around one end.

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Had this problem with a cnc plasma cutter. I was going to put tinyg i to a small faraday cage but havnt circled back yet.

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