Probe offset problem using g32

having trouble with probe offsets working i am using a bltouch and with my setup it is 45mm right and 4.5mm in front of my nozzle. after G29 then G0 Z10, M280 S3.0 the G32. after sending the g32 the print head try to move left past the X endstop causing the belt to slip then errors out.

newest bin file
printer is a creality CR-10

  1. bltouch

switch.servo.enable true
switch.servo.input_on_command M280 S3.0 # M280 S7.5 Would be midway
switch.servo.input_off_command M280 S7.0 # Same as M280 S0 0% duty cycle, effectivley off
switch.servo.output_pin 1.23 # Must be a PWM capable pin
switch.servo.output_type hwpwm # H/W PWM output settable
switch.servo.pwm_period_ms 20 # Set Period to 20ms (50Hz) - Default is 50Hz

## Z-probe
zprobe.enable true # Set to true to enable a zprobe
zprobe.probe_pin 1.29^ # Pin probe is attached to, if NC remove the !
zprobe.slow_feedrate 5 # Mm/sec probe feed rate
zprobe.debounce_count 2 # Set if noisy
zprobe.fast_feedrate 100 # Move feedrate mm/sec
zprobe.probe_height 5 # How much above bed to start probe
gamma_min_endstop 1.28^ # Normally 1.28. Change to nc to prevent conflict,

  1. associated with zprobe the leveling strategy to use

leveling-strategy.rectangular-grid.enable true # The strategy must be enabled in the config, as well as the zprobe module.
leveling-strategy.rectangular-grid.x_size 300 # size of bed in the X axis
leveling-strategy.rectangular-grid.y_size 300 # size of bed in the Y axis
leveling-strategy.rectangular-grid.size 3 # The size of the grid, for example, 7 causes a 7x7 grid with 49 points. # Must be an odd number.
leveling-strategy.rectangular-grid.do_home false
leveling-strategy.rectangular-grid.probe_offsets 45,4.5,-2.41 # Optional probe offsets from the nozzle or tool head false # If the saved grid is to be loaded on boot then this must be set to true
leveling-strategy.rectangular-grid.initial_height 10 # will move to Z10 before the first probe
mm_per_line_segment 1 # necessary for cartesians using rectangular-grid

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