pro  design ready for first cut on MDF

#stardelta pro design ready for first cut on MDF

I’ve got some nice cups Im having done for mag joints. They can use m3 screws from the bottom to connect to the effector and carriage, and m3 grub screw hold the magnets. I’ve got balls threaded for m3 for rods, that you can screw in. little bug… @Glenn_West i use carbon tube with 4m screw fixed with epoxy. find local european seller for threaded sphere m4 10m. how long your arms and dimeter of sphere?

@Glenn_West I don’t like to have balls threaded… :wink:
@Mauro_Manco Nice piece of work. Which software to you use for exporting the final DXF?

Lol better no answer on this question :slight_smile: to skethup -svg-visio-dxf Visio or insight make correct dxf in mm for we big laser. For k40 directly open svg with corel laser…