Printrbot Simple Metal resurrected with purpose

I think @Brook_Drumm would be happy… I just helped a friend resurrect an old Printrbot Simple Metal in order to teach 10-12 year olds how to design and print.

The inductive sensor wasn’t working, but I discovered that it would reliably trigger from 5V even though it was labeled 6-36V, and so simply moving the power supply for the sensor from “HV” to “5V” got it working again. It’s clearly a solid little machine, and will be ready for teaching next week. :slight_smile:


Printrbot was an amazing story. Brook Drumm had some great ideas. It is a shame that he was unable to keep up with the cheap Chinese printers. I was very interested in his 4 x 8 plywood CNC crawler that never went into production.


Was it like the LowRider CNC?

Very close. It was called printrbot Crawlbot Cnc router. The comments do mention that it actually did go on sale but I am not sure how many were actually sold. I found a video of it on YouTube.


Huh, on Twitter he says printrbot is coming back this year. He shows a gantry-style bed-flinger, but still with the same hot end used on the classic printrbots and with an inductive Z endstop. I’d expect solid mechanics, but I wonder why not updating the hot end to a more recent design?

Cheaper to start up operations.

Given that Ubis has been making new ones to sell to printrbot owners at $50-$70 each, I doubt there’s a massive pile of NOS to get rid of. And newer designs are also available cheaper. I’m guessing he just likes them. But I have no special knowledge here.

Brook has a Patreon to which people have been contributing to help him through the rough patch since the Printrbot closure:

His Patron only posts there give details for what he’s working on next, upcoming stuff, etc. :slight_smile:

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