Printrbot nozzles for the serious experimenter! 0.10 mm (EXPERIMENTAL), 0.15 mm, 0.20 mm,

Printrbot nozzles for the serious experimenter! 0.10 mm (EXPERIMENTAL), 0.15 mm, 0.20 mm, 0.25 mm, 0.30 mm, 0.37 mm, 0.45 mm, 0.60 mm, 0.80 mm, 1.00 mm, 1.50 mm, 2.00 mm sizes included with a custom case. What does this community think? What other printers are in need of this sort of thing? Be specific with model numbers!

While both the Budaschnozzle and J-Head are widely used and compatible with many printer models, only the Schnozzle has a nozzle that’s easily exchanged. So while Lulzbot already offers the common sizes, the experimental sizes are not available at all.

On a related note, the 2mm nozzle might end up just pushing 1.75mm filament trough without melting it. But i guess it’s not meant for small filament anyways :wink:

if I had spare cash I’d definatly be interested in a set for buda. also maybe look at arcol v4

I believe the next jhead will have a removable nozzle.

@Ultimaker ! Let me know if you got a set for the print head v2 nozzles!

Can you do .35 instead of .37? It just feels so prime and out of place.

@Tony_Olivo I agree. I was trying NOT to include sizes that competed directly with what has for sale and it was the least “out of place” option given the drill bits I have on hand. If people seem interested in this sort of thing I’ll probably tweak the lineup a bit.

While 0.37 vs. 0.35mm might not sound like much, the default extrusion width for a 0.35mm nozzle is 0.48mm, so a 0.37mm one will be just over .5mm. So when you design parts with 1mm walls, the 35 nozzle will lay down two tracks, while the 37 will lay down only one.

@Thomas_Sanladerer where’s the 0.35 --> 0.48 mm coming from? Any secrets I’ve missed in the RepRap world so far?

@Thomas_Sanladerer @Florian_Horsch_flouS That was my question too! I guess you have to dig into the source for this. I had assumed it was a function of layer height AND nozzle or (maybe better) free air extrusion diameter.

The Prusa calculator gives 0.44mm as the line width for 0.35. There’s no pull down for 0.37 and I’m too lazy to work it out based on his numbers.

@Florian_Horsch_flouS that’s the value Slic3r calculates automatically - i’ve tried a couple different widths and, honestly, anywhere from 0.35mm to 0.55mm with my 0.35mm nozzle doesn’t make that much of a difference. In the old SF times, i used a similar width over thickness ratio, and it seems to still work the same way for Slic3r.

merci pour l’info

Looks great!

I have a deltabot (her name is Bertha, and she’s not a showgirl) that needs some giant nozzles… it’s only one extruder now, but ideally I’d like three - fine for perimeters, and two thicker for infill and support.

So… where can I buy these?

If you can point me to specs for the nozzles or just some place that sells the nozzles for your particular hot end, then I can look into it. I’m getting a Makerbot MK8 nozzle today to look at reverse engineering and possibly making an adapter for my Printrbot nozzles. There are other factors at play that I don’t have good information on probably without buying different printers, like how likely the underpowered steppers are to overheat and whether the drive gears can drive the filament against the pressures involved with the smaller nozzle diameters without slipping. And then there has to be enough X Y resolution to matter at all. Lots of factors that I don’t have the time or money to research. I’ll have to get the nozzles made and let others do the heavy lifting of making them work unfortunately. Definitely looking for volunteers.

I got the Makerbot MK8 nozzle today and a nice prototype adapter can be made for the Printrbot nozzles with parts from the local hardware store I think. I’m prototyping this weekend and will post pictures and a limited coupon code for a few free prototype Makerbot MK8 nozzle adapters and 0.20 mm nozzles in the next couple of days on my site. All the intrepid Makerbot folks need to do is cover shipping and let me know how it works. If they work then I’ll put the money into ordering nicer non-prototype inventory.

If you don’t have a Printrbot or Makerbot using a MK8, send me a link to your nozzle specs or somewhere I can buy one so I can look into making an adapter for you too.


$150 invested in prototyping Makerbot MK8 nozzle adapters! 22 (12 of one design, 10 of another) made it through the process so far. I’ll probably put them up for sale at $10 each and have a $10 coupon for those interested in beta testing and giving feedback on the designs. Contact me if you want a coupon code.

First prototype Makerbot MK8 extruder nozzle is listed. Any additional information you Makerbot folks think is needed?

Still finishing the prototypes before I make a decision on the coupon codes. These things are quite time consuming to make by hand.