PrintrBoard replacement

I’m locking for a low cost replacement for a PrintrBoard. Any advice for a Board which runs on Marlin. A nice LCD with SD card would be a plus.

Have you seen my round-up of boards with integrated tmc drivers?

The BIGTREETECH SKR Mini E3 V2.0 is available in a package with a screen and fixed the worst problems with the V1.2. It costs more than it used to (thanks global shortages!) but I have purchased the combination available at this listing:


Thanks for your reply. :slight_smile: I’ll go for the SKR mini.

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I went with the v1.2 back in the day on a printer I modified for a local robotics club. It was one of the adoptabot printrbot pro hardware kits he donated. The printrboard died, so the skr mini was a good candidate. It took modifications to fit. But has been running great for them. I also put an lcd screen on it for them as well and converted the bed to 120V for fast heatup. SSR for mains bed required a metal sidecar be added to the printer.