Printing with Prusa Mendel RAMPS v1.4 Marlin and getting a serious slant...Any suggestions?

Printing with Prusa Mendel RAMPS v1.4 Marlin and getting a serious slant…Any suggestions?

oil the rods? up the current? check the stepper wires?

Ah true. This is my 3-4 calibration print. I have dialed in pretty well with x y z and e. But each print has a larger slope than the last. I will up the motor pots in this direction. Thanks!

check the set screws are tight on the pulleys!

@Nicolas_Arias Thats it! X-axis missing a screw. Would explain the slippage.

good!, i use a drop of screw locking glue on the set screws. Just be sure to use the low torque glue.

and a flat on the stepper´s shaft also helps a lot.

I hate to admit how much software tinkering I did when I ran into this same problem…

I had a software glitch that I was sure was a hardware problem. Spent months swapping out parts. Nothing, upgraded firmware and back to normal, fml. hehe

I had this issue as well. Make sure your steps per mm are the same for your x and y axis eg x=80, y=80 not x=82, y=80.

Make sure your pulleys aren’t slipping. Check your bearings etc. do one thing at a time test it then change it again.

And one major problem I had was to much tension from the filament on the extruder. Make a spool holder with 608zz bearings and take as much tension off the extruder as possible. I wasted 8kmm of filament last night for this reason the spool bound up and my part had steps in it.

… Sorry didn’t read your last post. Glad you got it fixed.

No thank you! I am in the middle of a new print and looking good! was the slipping of the gear on the motor.

Ah, here’s a question have you had issues with ambient temp ? My house is to cold and have to build an enclosure to keep the prints from warping etc.

you’re dropping steps. check stepper motor settings. check for any binding on your x-axis, check for loose belt.
I’ve found that when this happened at higher speed but not at lower, it was stepper motor settings.

Also check X/Y jerk settings and turn them down from the default of 20mm/s – that’s speeds for a bowden tube. What can be happening is on a large move like the back corner, it’ll get fully up to speed, “jerk” the corner, and lose a step there. Does your print perimeter happen counterclockwise?

What’s a good jerk speed for the wades? I think I have mine at 15mms

Looks like gears slipping off the motor shafts due to set screws backing out.

Check them and use loctite to prevent them from wiggling loose again.

I had the same problem and it drove me nuts untill I figured it out.

Put marks on the gear to shaft alignment so of they slip you can visually tell moving forwarded

Had the same issue. It was To tight of a belt combined with too low current to the motors, set X to .50 (slightly high) and loosened the belt one click and it resolved.