Printing unsupported overhangs without non-planar slicing

This is an interesting approach!


It’s good to see effort put into new slicing techniques but the results of this are terrible looking and not flat surfaces. I hope there’s a better way or a way to improve this. Interesting approach non the less.

It’s the underside, which can look pretty terrible after removing supports too… But I’m thinking about the convoluted 3d printer cooling fan duct I printed, where removing supports from the inside where I couldn’t even see them was hard and this kind of ugly inside would have been just fine.


Kinda a chicken and the egg thing as you can’t print good bridges without a good part cooling fan.
I’ve printed some overhands for prosthetic straps about 4" long once I fixed my part cooling fan and tuned the bridging speed way down.

Interesting but there is more than just concentric arcs. I THINK that if you print lines and move half the nozzle width out for each line, you can just keep edging out into the distance. I have not tried it myself though.