Printing some new bearing holders for a buddy at 100mm/s.

Printing some new #Eustathios bearing holders for a buddy at 100mm/s.
Also, doing a test print at 160mm/s. Note the slight decrease in quality of the cylinder on the right vs the left due to the higher speed.

I am so excited for my motors to arrive from China. I ordered them 5+weeks ago from aliexpress. Ugh. But they just hit the mainland in san fransisco :slight_smile:

Anyway mind sharing your marlin settings? I would help a lot on getting some tried and tested setting to JumpStart calibration.

Also what extruder are you using? Airtripper?

I (and everyone else here, I’m sure) knows the feeling of waiting on parts :slight_smile: I ordered many of my original parts from ali right before the Chinese new year. Some of them took 2+ months to hit the states…
You can find my marlin settings here. I’m sure there’s room for improvement:
Yes, I’m using the airtripper. Good luck, and keep us posted on your build.

Excited about these acceleration values: {9000,9000,90,10000}. :slight_smile:

And thanks.

@Shauki I think its actually his hugely overpowered fan that is cooling the print too fast.


Аглицким так себе, немецкий вполне себе, русский - ну ни фига себе :slight_smile:

@Shauki он же

@Shauki I re-printed with 20° higher temperature, and the result was much closer to the original print. Thanks for the tip!