Printing some big stuff for a friends company :) It's times like this that

Printing some big stuff for a friends company :slight_smile:

It’s times like this that the “go big or go home” nature of the HercuLien sure comes in handy :slight_smile:

Wow… ABS? One day I’ll use the entire build area offered by the Herculien, one day…

@Zane_Baird PETG

Ah, I see. The white eSun PETg? (that for some reason I can’t get working to my satisfaction)

@Zane_Baird it is a tricky one for sure. White has been the most difficult PETG for me too. Must have something to do with the colorant. Too cold and extrusion balls up and strings. Too hot and it burns and smears if there is any over extrusion or curling causing discoloration on the prints.

Nice printing! Is that PEI sheet your printing on? I was looking for larger than 12x12 sheets

@Vic_Catalasan yes it is. I found 24" x24" sheets of PEI reasonably priced on