Printing Guns.... could that be legal to use and make them in our bedroom,

Printing Guns… could that be legal to use and make them in our bedroom, to defend ourselves from terrorism?

Defend ourselves from terrorism? Really?..

Those damn terrorists keep trying to get into our bedrooms! Argh! Second amendment! Argh!

I can’t figure out how having printed guns would have prevented the Boston attack.

And right after this, we’ll have a list of the Top 10 3D printers.

Well for us to defend from attacks like the one in Boston.

OR if the government take away our guns and not buy it, other people like these guys in the video would make their own guns, since criminals cannot be stop by the authorities.

  • Although I don’t want to argue, I want to explain though and discuss about this, if people could do that in the future when there is no such thing as to “buy a gun”.

The government will not be taking away anyone’s guns. Any theory that begins with that is flawed from step one.

Printing a full gun is going to take too long to be of any use in an emergency situation. If you were in some sort of a siege situation it might be useful, if the circumstances are right, but that’s not exactly a likely thing… At least not in the US.

Thanks for the information. I was interested to make my own weapons and defense systems, once I’m done learning.

More US nonsense

Its called awareness, sometimes it could not be nonsense.

No just pure nonsense

Hmm… Did this happen when small CNC machines became available?

oh god.
this again? seriously?
the whole printed guns thing is little more than a publicity stunt.

I’d for once like to see discussion on how 3D printing changes the issues of gun control in other countries (yes there are other countries outside the US) In the US guns are freely available in every packet of cereal, in vending machines etc (or so I’m led to believe) but here in the UK for example they are not which means the major changes and difficulties will be in countries like ours perhaps.

Terrorists will love printing weapons. You can go somewhere completely harmless and print your weapons right on time … In plastic - not detectable by metal detectors … And because the freedom loving people out there already made some plans and published them on the internet - you don’t have to make your own. Ah - and kids would like to print some guns - just for fun …
The future ist bright.

oh ffs
I give up. too much stupid.

@Chris_Smith in other countries you realize that you could never get ammunition for it before thinking about CNC machining a gun.
I guess the only really special tool you’d need would be the barrel reamer.

@Marcus_Wolschon I don’t worry about gunpowder based 3d printed guns. I worry about the first laptop-battery powered 3d printed gauss rifle.

Still don’t see how this crap protects me from terrorism tho.

@Richard_Betel It doesn’t. It’s just firearm fetishism.

I’m starting to wish G+ had quick texts for pasting, we get these threads so often. I can never resist replying to them, either.

They aren’t making guns. They’re making one specific, fairly low-stress part of the gun. A part that, in many guns, is pretty damned easy to DIY:

Even if they were making guns, it has been possible to make guns at home for a long, long time. There’s a reason industrial manufacturers don’t use 3D printers much, in favor of real CNC rigs and injection molding: the results are unreliable and fragile, two things you really, really don’t want a gun to be.

The guys running DD are a bunch of law and social science students trying to earn publicity. I’d bet an engineer from Colt could reproduce most of their work and resource in one coffee-fueled evening, but he wouldn’t bother because it’s such a silly thing to do.

These articles are always a combination of pro-gun machismo and anti-3D printing FUD. It’s all terribly unrealistic, but there’s a frustrating lack of skepticism floating around.