Printing and Post processing the carriage on the Eustathios 2.5

I just finished printing the first plate for my upgrade parts for the Eustathios last night (see tweet here). Things went quite well. I decided to go with CPE HG100 from Filamentum. It’s quite similar to PETG AFAIR but way more temperature resistant. Also not quite as easy to print but still prints quite nicely.

Things are fitting very well except from the bushings on the carriage. Given the default orientation which I think makes a lot sense to print that way both holes for the rods and the bushings are printing sideways which makes them just not perfectly round and a bit undersized for me (printed without supports). As they reduce in diameter inside my usual adjustable reamers can’t be used to post process the whole and bring them to a good diameter to press the bushings in.

I wonder how you guys are printing this part or post processing it. I think it shoud ideally be like 15.5-15.7mm (ish) in diameter to make the press fit bushings good. I already broke the first part as hammering them in used to much force and cracked it.

I might try to get a 15.5mm Drill bit but still not sure if that’s good enough.

Any hints or tips are appreciated :wink:


I haven’t had issues with the bushings fitting, but perhaps postprocessing might be required (reamer, or drill). Mine did press right in without processing. I could make a version with oversized holes if you can tell me how large you would like them to be.

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Thanks, Eric. You don’t need to do any modification - I could easily do that myself. I just wanted to hear what others are experiencing. I do have a reamer but that’s still a bit to small to get a comfortable, snug fit. I maybe need to print it with a bit more stability. I’m doing that right now and see how it goes.

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