Printer TLC time

I had noticed a rough spot in my y axis. After I replaced the guide wheels, one of the older ones fell apart. The bearing just fell out of the wheel. I suspect this was my issue. It is now smooth as butter!

A friend sent me a drill block he wanted printed so I started setting up the printer. The old PTFE guide was stuck in the feed and hotend connections so new guide and connections.

I am using PETG. I was having issues using the existing settings so I replaced the nozzle and increased the temp 10 C. Amazing how a few degrees can cure a bad print!

I feel like I have a new printer!

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I know this wouldn’t solve the disintegrating bearing problem but the V wheels just don’t jive with how my head works. The rubber being shed on wheels on my Ender3 proves this is a really bad design. A better wheel design would be like this where there’s mostly flat contact with the extrusion and the V part is only a simple guide.

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Interesting design. Thanks for the info.