Printer finally got enough together to post a picture.

Printer finally got enough together to post a picture. I’ll have an Ingentis Z-stage (probably GT2 belt driven as I want a counterweight in there, somewhere), but it’ll have a Quad-rap X-Y Gantry driven by 100 lb fishing line.

Haven’t decided if I’m doing a dual bowden or direct drive extruder yet. I know the design goal is light and fast moving, but retracts on my Bowden/Delta are killing me, and seeing the results from the printers that have the extruder right next to the extruder create REALLY good results.

Plans are for all the guts to be in the bottom, Wi-Fi access, heated 300x300cm bed and eventually enclosed.

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Ingentis/Quardap hybrid.

It’ll have the Ingentis Z-axis, and use the top X and Y axes for gantries to actuate the extruder, a-la @Shauki’s design.

Still a work in progress, but it’ll be on display as this weekend’s Denver Makerfaire, along with the sample corner piece in the photo and info on ultra-low-cost but not low-quality printing.

It’s right on target for a 12x12x18 (300x300x450cm) build platform…for a whole lot less than a ZX18.

(and thanks, @MISUMI_USA ! #Misumifirst150)

Because I purchased $175 worth of aluminum for $25 with their first150 coupon.