Printed with the Laywoo-D3 wood filament last night. It went surprisingly well.

Printed with the Laywoo-D3 wood filament last night. It went surprisingly well. Swapping out the ABS filament went pretty easily, though it felt like the hobbed bolt wasn’t grabbing the new filament well. After all the ABS was out of the hot end, everything went fine.

I printed Thing 4203 ( on blue painter’s tape with the bed at 50C and the hot end at 190C. While my y-axis still needs a little adjustment, the print turned out decently well on the outside. The fill, on the other hand, didn’t work well at all. I couldn’t tell if it was because there was no material extruding (which would have been weird considering the walls came out find) or if it was because the wood just can’t bridge well to fix holes further down the infill – but I have a hole in the top of the print. The top didn’t come out well. I think that was heat-related as the small layers didn’t have enough cooldown time, and I don’t have a fan.

The other print was the Maker Faire Robot (, which immediately started taffing itself up once it made it past the legs. The legs themselves were fine, but once it needed to bridge for the body, all hell broke loose. I’m not sure if that was the filament’s or Slic3r’s fault. Probably Slic3r’s, as the whole printer and the table it was on started shaking massively when it tried to print the edges.

All in all, though, I like the material. I just need a fan.