Printed under an hour on my new QR...

Printed under an hour on my new QR… And it’s watertight! (1 layer thickness only).
I’m fighting Octoprint on Raspberry 3 with Smoothieware, but I should be able to get you a time lapse soon enough I hope.

Nope, 0.4 mm

Wow I have never been able to get water-tight prints using 0.4 mm. 1 mm on the other hand works amazingly well - specially with 0.8mm layers :grinning:

Try the #sainflint, I think it helps a lot in getting a very regular flow of material, hence the watertightness.

can I ask for the public album … I am still having 403 error :frowning:

Sure. Try this…

EXCELLENT video … soo quiet sooo fast … hope I will be there soon too :slight_smile:

Yes, very quite indeed!